Scalable Pharmaceutical Campus RMS

Scalable Pharmaceutical
Campus RMS

Validated Critical Environmental Parameters Monitoring System Shares Instrumentation With Non-Validated HVAC Controls


• Multiple Buildings and >90 Rooms Encompassing:

  • Primary Packaging
  • Critical Production
  • Gowning, Pass Through, Corridors
  • Warehouse / Infrastructure
  • Freezers, Stability Chambers, Incubators

• Centralized/Shared Delta Pressure, Relative Humidity, and Temperature Instrumentation Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

• Monitoring, Trending, Alarming

• Individual Room Alarm Stack, Horn and Silence Buttons

• 12 UL Control Panels (PLC, RIO/Instruments)

• AB PLC, Wonderware Archestra SCADA, OSIPi Historian, with Virtualized Servers / Thin Clients

Services & Deliverables

Successfully engaged Swiss pharmaceutical corporation’s engineering and procurement teams through all phases of the project development lifecycle.  Delivered an easily expandable validated room monitoring system for entire campus. 

Conceptual Engineering Deliverables:
URS, P&ID Support, Budget

Preliminary and Detailed Design Deliverables:
Functional Specification (FS), Instrument Datasheets, Software Design Specification (SDS), Hardware Design Specification (HDS), Control Panel Design, Controls Conduit and Pneumatic Tubing Schematics.

Construction / AIOQ Deliverables:
Control Panels, Instrumentation, Controls Conduit Install, Control System Software, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), AIOQ, System Startup / Tuning, Production Support.

Green FIeld

Starting with a blank canvas

Working to help your thoughts and ideas to become a reality.

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Site-Wide Upgrades

Align Business and Manufacturing

Migrating legacy production systems to increase reliability, quality, and operational efficiency.

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Product Expansion

Minimizing shutdown and construction duration

Growing existing production capacity to match your supply with market demand.

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