Capsule Equilibrator

Capsule Equilibrator

Design-Build Control System to Adjust Drug Capsule Moisture Content


• 2-3 Professionals

• 6 months

• Allen Bradley PLC

• Wonderware SCADA and Historian

• PLC Based Recipe Structure

Services & Deliverables

Worked with the R&D staff of a Swiss Pharmaceutical manufacture to design and build equipment which conditions capsules prior to powder drug filling.

Conceptual Engineering Phase Deliverables:
P&IDs, Material Balances, Energy Balances

Preliminary Engineering and Detailed Design Phase Deliverables:
P&IDs, User Requirement Specification (URS), Functional Specification (FS), Instrument Datasheets, Software Design Specification (SDS), Control Panel Design, Process Piping Design

Construction Phase Deliverables:
Process Piping, Heat Exchangers, Control Panel, Instrumentation, Control System Software, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), IOQ Support

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